How To Choose A Blogging Niche And 8 Top Niche Ideas

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Picking a topic is simple right. But picking a topic is the difference between having a blog that you stick with or give up after a couple of months. If you truly want to have a successful blog you need to look at it in the long term. Therefore you need to pick a topic that you are passionate about.

Picking a topic that you are passionate about means that you will never work a day in your life. Of course, not literally never working a day in your life again! But picking a topic that you love to talk about as much as you can and love learning more about.

When you pick your topic that you love and feel that you can write a million blogs on then you have your specific topic. But before you start writing anything, you need to do your research. Research into the specific keywords that you need to be writing about.


Keyword research is essentially just like conducting market research. Instead of asking people their opinions about a product or service, you are seeking what questions they are asking Google when looking for a solution to their problem.

There are a few keyword research tools that are free for you to use. They are not perfect but free and still useful.

For more serious Keyword Research we recommended using a (paid) SEO suite like SemRush.


Choosing a niche for your blog means that you are writing to a very specific group of people who are interested in a specific topic.

For example, a blog that is about living a vegan lifestyle only attracts people who are interested in being a vegan. Also people who want to learn more about how they can improve upon their lifestyle choices inline with being a vegan.

Now get thinking of how you can choose a very specific niche for your chosen topic. Consider what your readers aspirations are and their problems. When you have your niche you will create a profitable blog.


Speaking of creating a profitable blog, you need to make sure that your niche is going to lead to profits. A simple way of testing if your blog idea is profitable is by doing a Google search. Type into Google your niche keyword and see what Google Ads appear in the search results.

If you see plenty of ads, especially from the large brands you know that there is money in that keyword. Another method is the Amazon check. Just like Google, you want to type in your niche keyword and see how many books are written on the topic.

Doing research on Amazon you can see from the reviews and search results how popular that topic is. When a book is labeled as its best seller, you can see that there is a lot of interest in the topic.


If you are completely struggling on blog niche ideas, here are 8 ideas in completely different areas that might get you thinking of your niche and your juices flowing.

Blog Idea #1 Sewing

If you have a passion for all things sewing, then creating a visual blog on your creations would be the perfect choice for you.

With 60% of people unable to sew, you can turn your blog into a subscription service of teaching people how to sew and/or sending people the materials to get sewing. This is a $36 billion industry that you are able to tap into.

Blog Idea #2 Cultural Differences

Whether you experience a lot of cultural differences at home or whilst you are travelling, cultural differences are everywhere.

If you love to travel and experience different cultures or passionate about ending the barrier between the differing cultures at home.

Monetize this type of blog with advertising banners and affiliate links are just a couple of suggestions, but don’t let this restrict you.

Blog Idea #3 Children's Mental Health

Adding a twist to the traditional parenting blog, add about any mental health problems your child or children have.

Whether you have a child with a condition such as bipolar disorder, depression or anxiety. There is an increasing demand to learn more about how you, your family and your child is dealing with this.

With the increasing awareness of such issues, especially as there is a rise in suicides linked to social media. Parents want to learn how they can protect their children’s mental health or deal with any conditions such as bipolar disorder.

Blog Idea #4 Extreme Sports

If you are an adrenaline junkie, then writing a blog about the extreme sports you undertake may be the choice for you.

Share your stories and the feelings you felt when skydiving or bungee jumping. You have a real opportunity to tell a story that will grip your readers.

Blog Idea #5 Upcoming Events

Write about events that are happening in the town you live in. Or write about events happening that are a specific category of events such as music festivals.

You can monetize this type of blog by creating a forum. But don’t worry you won’t be charging your fans money, but instead you will be placing advertising banners. What a forum will do is keep on bringing the traffic back to your website and staying on your website for longer.

Blog Idea #6 Outdoor Games

As parents, we are all trying to get our kids outside and off their electronics.

If you have somehow done this with great success (no constant tears and tantrums) then you could find yourself with a legion of fans of mums and dads alike.

Blog Idea #7 Dating In The New Age

Anyone who is not a millennial and doesn’t understand the new rules of dating using the dating apps work, will want as much help as they can.

When trying to understand dating apps, you are inundated with information and scary stories.

If you are successfully using these dating apps or just a regular user who knows the good, the bad and the ugly, this blog niche is a fit for you.

Blog Idea #8 Career Guidance For the Modern World

Gone are the days of looking in the local newspaper for a job, sending a CV and then waiting for the letter requesting an interview.

Today’s job hunting is changing.

Social media, especially LinkedIn is taking over with recruiters going on there to find the right talent.

If you have been exceptionally talented at job hunting using social media. Or even changing your career path seamlessly. You could share all that you know on this topic as there will always be people who are not social media savvy when job seeking.

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