How Women Can Manage Recession Hardships

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How Women Can Manage Recession Hardships


The pandemic recession has been difficult for women, as many hardest-hit industries employed more women than men. While losing a job can be difficult, starting a new business can be very empowering, especially for people who have been laid off. For women who are out of work or stay-at-home moms, becoming an entrepreneur can provide ultimate flexibility and freedom to strike a balance between work and personal time. To learn ideas for making money, How to Start Blogging is a resource for online writers.


Recession hardships

The pandemic-fuelled financial burdens for women have significant impacts on earning potential. According to economists, the gender wage gap is expected to increase by five percentage points, bringing women from 81 cents to 76 cents for every dollar the average male worker makes.


Along with the wage gap, many industries that have been most impacted by COVID-19 closures, including the hospitality sector, typically have more female workers than male. Pandemic layoffs therefore have skewed more heavily towards women. While this can be challenging, there are still some work opportunities that can help you make ends meet in the meantime.

Finding work

For women who have children at home, finding new work can be challenging. With so many schools remaining closed for COVID-19, many parents have to juggle staying at home and working remotely. For mothers out of work who need to bring in an income, working from home is a great idea and there are several good options.


If you don’t mind working online, your options are even more vast. Fast Company notes many employers are allowing their entire workforce to work from home as COVID-19 remains a concern. Update your resume to stand out to potential employers, do some networking in your industry, and see if you can find work that allows you to stay home and earn money at the same time.



One great way to earn money between jobs is by freelancing. This can be a great option for women who need flexibility in their schedule: you can choose how many hours you work, and can set your own rates. To find freelance opportunities, check out online job boards to connect with potential clients and work from home. Careers that translate well to freelancing include writing, web development, blogging and design work.


Off-line work

If you’re not interested in working online, Work-from-Home Depot points out that there are plenty of viable options that can be done at home that don’t involve a computer. If you love kids, consider offering childcare at your home. While you can always just watch a couple friends’ kids to keep things simple, remember that some states require special licensing if you watch multiple children at once.


Another great home-based job is pet sitting. If you love dogs and need some time outside, dog walking is a great way to earn income while getting a bit of fresh air and exercise. You can also board pets at your home while their owners are on vacation, or do home visits while they’re away.

Starting a business

One very empowering way to get your life back on track after being laid off is starting your own business. Becoming an entrepreneur is a great way to regain control over your professional life, and you’ll have an opportunity to create a career for yourself that fits your lifestyle and family obligations.


Remember that anyone who starts a business must learn a thing or two about marketing. Be sure to develop your online presence: starting a website and launching your company on social media will go a long way to help you find your first customer.


Even if you have experienced economic challenges during the COVID-19 recession, keep in mind that there are plenty of ways to make money, both in-person and online. Working from home is the norm now, so even if you have children at home, you can still find work that suits you. Consider becoming a freelancer, starting a blog, or finding work as a pet sitter, and if you choose to start your own business, do your best to learn marketing basics to ensure success.



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