SEO for Dummies – the Top 8 SEO Tools [2020]

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A website without traffic is like a supermarket in the desert. As a website owner, you are always thinking about traffic. Every time you have fresh content or update existing content, you are probably constantly monitoring the number of visitors.

If you need traffic to your website a sit back and wait approach is a sure way to fail. You will have two main options for driving traffic to your website.

  1. You can either use Search Engine Advertising (SEA), paid ads on Google, Facebook and other networks
  2. Or use Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Organic traffic from search engines is free and therefore preferred to paid ads

While you cannot force anyone to visit your website, it’s not as simple any business with a website will have traffic. To gain more organic traffic you need better search engine rankings and visibility. If you don’t have consistent traffic, you won’t have leads or conversions.

Search Engine Optimization involves several techniques to make your website rank higher in search results. There are several tools that can help you with your search engine efforts. To make your life easier in this SEO for Dummies guide we have curated the 8 best SEO tools for your website.

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semrush pricing

SEMrush is probably the most popular SEO and marketing tool among SEO professionals. It’s highly rated and one of the best tools you will come across. It has a great set of features to kick start and grow your SEO campaigns. It can handle your website’s SEO, content marketing, social media, and paid ads.

The paid version of SEMrush has several advantages over the free version (see here for Semrush pricing). For example, you can use the keyword analysis tools to get search volumes for keywords. This will give you an idea of what keywords you need to target your content. You can also use this tool to identify keywords that you can use if you run paid ads using Google AdWords.

The highlight feature of SEMrush is competitor analysis. Using the several tools available on SEMrush you can analyze what your competitors are doing. For example, what keywords they are ranking for, their backlinks and any paid ads that they might be running. If this information is used in the right way you can easily outrank your competitors. For example, you can build better backlinks from sites with higher authority than your competitors. You can also borrow strategies that your competitors are using to outrank them.

Knowing the right keywords to target will help you attract an ideal audience that is interested in your products and services. This will help you with search engine rankings and establish a loyal following as well.

If you are using multiple tools for your SEO campaigns, with SEMrush you will be able to ditch most of them. It’s the one tool that can do everything.  SEMrush is the ultimate SEO tool if you are serious about ranking your website.



Ahrefs is another popular SEO tool among SEO professionals. You can use Ahrefs to monitor your site’s SEO campaign along with your competitor’s SEO performance. You will also be able to monitor their SEO strategies.
Ahrefs can produce detailed organic search reports. You can easily identify your top organic keywords, your positions for those keywords and you can track the rankings over time from any location. The rankings can be tracked for both mobile search results and desktop search results. You can also identify competing pages.
With Ahrefs the highlight feature is their backlinks analysis tool. You can use it to see the complete backlink profile for any website. It’s updated frequently, every 15 minutes and you can see their anchor texts as well.
Ahrefs uses bots to crawl the entire web 24/7. There are over 800 million pages indexed by them and over 5.5 billion keywords are indexed in their database. It is an extremely powerful tool and worth the price.
Their best tools include the Site Explorer, Keyword Explorer, Content Explorer, Rank Tracker, and the Site Audit tool.
Overall, it’s a great tool for content research, rank tracking, and backlinks monitoring.



SEMrush and Ahrefs are popular among SEO professionals but they are quite expensive. If you are looking for a budget-friendly alternative the KWFinder might be your best option.

However, KWFinder is not as good as SEMrush and Ahrefs. You can still use it to do keyword research, get a backlink profile for any website, track your rankings and your competitor rankings, and analyze search engine results.

Using KWFinder you can find long-tail keywords with low competition and high search volume. Their keyword difficulty ratings are accurate and more reliable than SEMrush keyword difficulty ratings.

The tools work for any website and you can, therefore, monitor both your website and your competitor’s websites.



Most of the tools above allow you to find link opportunities. But how do you go about gaining those links? There are several link building methods, however, email outreach is the most popular. It also has the highest conversion rate.

If you are looking for a tool for email outreach, NinjaOutreach is your answer. Using NinjaOutreach you can find influencers easily and reach out to them. Managing email outreach campaigns can be cumbersome. NinjaOutreach puts method to the mess and helps you run outreach campaigns using only one tool.

Their database has over 25 million influencers. You can search through these influencers and automate your email outreach campaign to relevant influencers.

You can easily create templates and use them in your outreach campaigns. Follow-ups are also taken care of through automation and integrated seamlessly in the process.

Once you run an outreach campaign you will have access to the results and statistics of your campaign. You can easily access open rates, click-through rates, and response rates.

You will get alerted by email when someone replies to an email from your outreach campaign. This will allow you to keep the conversation going

NinjaOutreach pricing starts at $69 per month and allows you to store contacts for 1500 influencers. This price is completely worth the value you are getting with NinjaOutreach. However, if you are not planning to run outreach campaigns you may not need the tool at all.



Long Tail Pro is another fantastic SEO tool that allows you to generate long-tail keywords in minutes. You will need a root keyword to get suggestions. You can easily get hundreds of suggestions of long-tail keywords using just a single root keyword.

Long-tail keywords tend to convert better since the phrases are highly specific. Take an example of someone searching for “buy a car in California” and another one searching for “buy a used white Toyota Corolla in California” The person using the second search query is being specific about something and are interested in that particular item. Long-tail keywords, therefore, are great for SEO.

In the above example, if you are selling used cars and have a website, it may be extremely difficult to rank for “buy a car in California” It may be easier to rank for the second phrase. To find long-tail keywords you can use a tool such as Longtail pro. You will enter a root keyword for example, “used cars in California” and you will get hundreds of suggestions of long-tail keywords.

Longtail keywords may have a lower search volume but that is compensated by the better conversion rate. This is because the person searching for the phrase is already qualified before coming to your website.

Longtail pro will work for any niche and any website. You can also use it to generate fresh content by getting ideas from the long-tail keywords.


SEO PowerSuite

SEO power suite is another powerful tool on the market. It has some powerful tools that help automate the SEO process. It helps make link building, rank tracking, keyword research, and website auditing easier. It has almost everything you would expect from a modern-day SEO tool.

There is a free version of the tool available for anyone who needs to use it occasionally or you want to test it before buying it. However, if you are a professional or an agency then the Professional or Enterprise license is recommended.

Using SEO Powersuite, you can get your and your competitor’s backlink profiles. This can be used for backlink research and analysis. The tool can help you easily clean up your backlink profile and also help you discover backlink opportunities. Using the data, you can easily analyze your competitor’s backlink strategies. The Link Assistant tool can help you with outreach campaigns. You can find contact information of influencers whom you may want to reach out to. You can create email templates and send bulk emails to the influencers.

Another great tool that comes with SEO PoweSuite is the website auditor. It carries out audits on your website and reports any issues. This can help you optimize your website and improve your rankings. The tool can be used for competitor audits as well. You can discover their content strategies and either implement better strategies or borrow from what they are doing well.

The rank tracker tool helps you find keywords and track your website’s rankings for those keywords. You can judge keywords based on the difficulty scores.

Overall SEO Power Suite is another great alternative to SEMrush and Ahrefs. It provides great value for money.



This tool is developed by Neil Patel, a leading name in the SEO industry. It’s a free tool that lets you audit your website, analyze your backlinks and track your rankings as well. You can also use it to find keyword densities.

The tool uses data from Google keyword planner and Google suggest so the data is reliable. Although the data is readily available on Google keyword planner and Google suggest it can be hard to consolidate and analyze at times. This is where Ubersuggest does a great job. It collates the data in a single location and presents it in an easy to digest manner.

Being a free tool, it has some limitations and it’s recommended to be used with a paid keyword research tool. This way it can supplement or validate data from the paid keyword tool.


Google Keyword Planner

This is not exactly an SEO tool, it’s designed for advertisers who want to use Google Adwords. However, it can be helpful for website owners and SEO professionals as well. It can be used to find new keywords for your website. You simply need to enter a root word or phrase, or your URL and you can easily search for related keywords. You will see data such as average monthly searches, the average cost per click, competition, etc. This can help you understand which keywords you can target for your SEO campaigns.

Since this is a Google tool the data on it is also accurate.


We hope you now have a better idea of the best SEO tools available in the industry right now. There are other tools available, however, we feel these are the best ones in terms of overall value for money.

So, which one should you choose? This will depend a lot on what exactly you are trying to achieve. However, if you need to choose just one then we recommend SEMrush. Their keyword research tool, SERP analysis tool, backlink analysis tool and site auditing features are a complete package to help you rank your website higher.

That does not mean you should not try other tools, each of them has some advantages over the other and do better than others in some areas. For example, Longtail pro is excellent for keyword research but does not offer a comprehensive backlink analysis tool. Choosing any SEO tool will depend mainly on your website’s goals.

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