What to Blog About? 6 Practical Tips

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Blogging is a great way to create an online personality, promote a personal or a product brand, or make some extra money. Thanks to improved content management systems like WordPress, blogging is easier than ever. But the hardest part of blogging is choosing a topic. There are tens of thousands of blogs on the web. So it can be difficult to find something to blog about.

Technically speaking, you can write a blog about anything that interests you. However, anything may not be enough to captivate an audience, or motivate you to continue the blog. If you are serious about starting a blog, but have no idea what to blog about, here is a brief guide on how to choose a topic.

TIP 1 | Blog about Something You are Passionate About

The easiest topic to blog about will be the topic you are most passionate about. It may not come to you right away, so sit down and think for a bit. Do you have any hobbies, interests, or things you absolutely love? Make a list. Now refer back to this list. Your ideal blogging topic would be here.

Blogging is not like writing an article once. You will have to maintain your blog for years. That means writing about the same topic for years. It’s very easy to experience burnout if you don’t much care about the topic you are blogging about. If you are passionate about the topic you pick, it will be very easy to make the blog interesting for your readers as well as yourself.

TIP 2 | Pick a Topic No one Else is Blogging About

Here’s the dirty secret of blogging: most topics already have dozens of blogs. Say, for example, that you passion is travelling. You can choose to blog about it, but keep in mind that there are hundreds of travel blogs out there. It’s, in fact, one of the most popular topics to blog about. Your new blog could easily disappear among an ocean of other blogs about the same or similar topics.

TIP 3 | How to Make Your Blog More Secure

To have a successful blog, fill a hole in the market. Find a topic that you care about that no one else is writing about. It should be mentioned write away that this is not easy. If you have a generic topic like travelling, you can find a subtopic that no one is writing about. The other secret of blogging is that there’s always an audience for blog topics no one is writing about.

TIP 4 | Find Your Niche

This is a continuation of the point made above. The simple fact is that your blog needs an audience. Particularly, a specific audience. Generic blogs do not make it far. If you want your blog to be popular, you need to find a handful of true fans that will stay loyal for years. This is called a niche audience. Niche audiences follow niche topics. You can choose a niche audience by coming up with a truly unique blogging topic. As mentioned before, offer something to readers that no one else is currently offering. Then the market will follow you, not the other way around.

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TIP 5 | Check Out Which Topics are Popular for Blogging

If you are not sure if your niche would interest many people, you can always check out what topics are popular for blogging. Travel, photography, writing, music, pop culture, and even WordPress or blogging are popular topics for blogs. You can base your own topic on any of these or find the best keywords with for example a tool like Semrush. It will be a good way to ensure that your blog can attract a strong following.

Tip 6 | Choose a Topic You Know a Lot About

12 steps to start a blog

Readers visit blogs seeking information on a topic they are interested in. You, as a blogger, will have to be an authoritative figure the topic you are blogging about. For that, you will have to actually know a lot about the topic. So, if you are still not sure what to blog about, choose a topic you already know a lot about. You will be able to divulge useful information to readers interested in the same topic. Even if someone else is already blogging about the same topic, your knowledge can make your blog superior with more informative articles. That will definitely attract readers.


Continue to brainstorm a blog topic with the above points in mind. What’s important is that you choose a unique topic or a form for your blog that will attract interest. Don’t let your blog be a copy of someone else’s. By using the above suggestions we hope you know what to blog about and come up with a great niche that leads to a highly successful blog. Any suggestions? Let us know in the comments!

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