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Wix vs WordPress? Both are great blogging platforms  that you can use in your blogging career or business. But which is right for you?

You don’t want to end up wasting much of your valuable time finding out for yourself. Therefore we have laid out for you how well they perform with regards to:

  • Functionality
  • Appearance
  • Maintenance
  • SEO
  • Mobile Friendliness

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Difference #1 Functionality

Having a website that is functionable is important for user experience.

Source | HubSpot

Therefore, you need to take this into consideration when deciding who to go with either Wix or WordPress.


WordPress gives you the functionality you require with plugins. Plugins are pieces of software that give your WordPress the functions you need it to do. When you install these plugins from the WordPress library of plugins, there is no coding needed or any other technical knowledge a website developer is fluent in.

That’s not to say, WordPress plugins do not have disadvantages.

Disadvantages including that there are over 50,000 plugins so you are overwhelmed by what plugins you need for your sites functionality. Plus some of these plugins are not compatible with your site. Whatsmore anyone can create a plugin and put it on WordPress for you to use on your site.


Unlike WordPress, Wix has greater control over third parties who offer the software that increases the functionality of your website.

Like WordPress plugins, Wix has apps that you can place onto your website. These apps improve the functionality of your website. There are only around 300 apps that Wix have available, but Wix only allow you to have the apps that are compatible for your website.


Difference #2 Your Websites Appearance

Whatever you want your website for, you want it to look good and attract the attention of your website visitor. To really attract their attention you need to have your website visually appealing. Wix and WordPress have very different ways in which you can make a visually appealing website.


WordPress has themes which is the template of what your site will look like. After you have chosen the theme, you can then customize your theme with plugins to give it the functionality that you are seeking.

This may sound great but it does come with many disadvantages. The main disadvantage is that you are overwhelmed with choice. There are over 3,500 themes that you can choose from.

Some of the WordPress themes are free and then you can upgrade the theme for a price to give you more choice in the layout. Not all WordPress themes are free when you initially choose them. Some themes such as the popular Divi themes, you have to pay for from the start.


Unlike WordPress, Wix has a different attitude to the design of your website as you do not need to use one of the 500+ themes available to you. But if you choose not to use a predesigned theme, you can design the website yourself with their drag and drop function.

Drag and drop function on Wix is much like creating a PowerPoint presentation. You place images, text and forms where you want them. Whilst you are doing this you are looking at your website and seeing the changes.

Whilst creating a blog post you are on the editor in the dashboard, therefore you need to take breaks whilst creating the blog to see how it looks.

To add forms to your blog, again you need to go off the editor and create a form which you can add to the post using a shortcode that you place within the blog.

This is when people go out and get a designer so that they can integrate the theme and plugin to give you the customization you are seeking.


Difference #3 Maintenance

Building a website is one thing but ensuring that it is running smoothly thereafter is a whole different matter. Whilst maintaining your website you have to make sure that everything that you install on your website whether it is a theme, app or plugin you have to ensure that it is up to date.

Other things can go wrong such as your website loading slowly or you have broken links.

Slow loading websites can be down to 1 of these 10 reasons and how you can fix it. Broken links can be down to resources you link to have either been removed or the URL has been changed.


If you choose to have a WordPress site there is an enormous community and support in the form of tutorials to help you if you have any maintenance issues. But as you have an enormous community, there can be lots of false or misleading information.


Unlike WordPress, if you have a problem with the maintenance of your website, Wix has a dedicated support team. A dedicated support team that you can speak with via phone or email plus it has a forum that gives you plenty of tutorials on typical issues. Wix’s forum is created by the dedicated support team so you can trust in the information you are receiving.


Difference #4 SEO

SEO also known as search engine optimization is the process of driving traffic (free or paid) using specific keywords on your website. As a blogger, SEO is your new best friend as it is what is going to be helping you turn your blog from a hobby to a profitable business.

Source | Blue Corona



The hugely popular plugin YoastSEO is used by over 7 million websites and it is easy to understand why when the plugin guides you. Guiding you to optimize your content for the best SEO results you can get using their traffic light system.


Wix has the popular app SiteBooster and you can understand why this is a popular app on Wix with regards to SEO as it helps with local rankings as well as increase your rankings on search engines.

So who wins with SEO? WordPress of Wix? Both are able to rank your website on search engines using the associated app or plugin. Therefore, in this instance they are equally as good and are both winners.

Difference #5 Being Mobile Friendly

Source | TruConversion

Mobile friendly websites are essential in today’s world. Most of the time when people are searching for content now on the web they are looking via a mobile device.Therefore you need to create a website that will make your website mobile friendly.


Wix vs WordPress - Summary

WordPress is more sophisticated than Wix and therefore can come across as more complex, whereas Wix aspires to keep things as simple as possible.

WordPress is an excellent choice if you want your blog to be your primary business

But in a nutshell, WordPress is the best choice if you want your blog to be your primary business and want to have the opportunity to branch off into selling digital products and membership sites. Wix is a good alternative if you already have another business, but want to add a blog to increase your website traffic.

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